Saturday, 15 March 2014

Just Add a Button or Two

A very good morning to you all!
My card today is for the Hobby House Challenge reminder! The challenge this month is 'Buttons'.....we want to see your creations which includes buttons how easy is that:)
You could win a £25.00 Hobby House voucher.....So what are you waiting for! .....For all the details and rules of entry please visit the Hobby House blog HERE
So here is my card to get you inspired to use your buttons:

  • All the buttons and other embellishments are from The Hobby House Peach and Green embellishment set.
  • The backing paper is again from The Hobby House - Ornate Damask
  • The coloured card stock is Bazzill
Do you see what it is supposed to be?.....Well it is supposed to be a flower:)! I'm really not sure that I was successful with this card, but I do think it is pretty with the buttons:)

That's all from me today:( I better get back to my prepping for the Heartfelt Creations show tomorrow....I can't tell you how excited I am! I just hope my cold is a little better.....I have had it for over a week now and I would hate to give it to poor Debbie:(
Don't forget to email in and say hello:)

Take Care x



  1. Hi Nikki,
    Wow that's amazing! The colours are gorgeous and it definitely looks like a flower to me.

    Love Sheila xx

  2. I love the card, sadly my button box is filled with much more mundane buttons compared to yours. I hope you feel better by tomorrow, at least Debbie will let you get a word in edgewise. I find I am turning the sound down more often now, as two of the C&C presenters turn me off. One had verbal diarrhoea and the other uses the term 'You've got yer' umpteen times per hour, which irritates me no end. Then there is the demonstrator who can't say a sentence without the word 'actually' - I heard her say it three times in once sentence a while back! Does that make me old and crabby? Probably.

  3. Hi Nikki, yes its a flower for sure , and a very lovely one too ,
    i hope you feel better for your show tomorrow,i will be tuning in and recording too .
    Lesley dont get me started on C&C presenters , i E/mailed last year as one was doing my head in, i had recorded the show and re ran it to count the OKs he said OK 94 times in the hour .

    Take Care Nikki
    Elaine H X

  4. Hi Nikki,

    This is gorgeous, the array of buttons you have used to form the flower is lovely, the colours are very pretty and work well together. Love the damask backing paper.

    Good luck with your shows tomorrow, will you be showing how to make your roses?

    Love & Hugs
    Jacquie J xxx

  5. What a gorgeous selection of buttons and so artfully arranged. Just goes to show what can be achieved with lovely papers and a few bits and bobs!

  6. Hi Nikki
    Wow I just love todays card. Would never have thought of just using buttons. Yours are fantastic. Just shows what you can do with just a few thinks.

  7. Hi Nikki
    Gorgeous card with all your beautiful buttons, papers and stickles!! Have a great show in the morning, will record it as out all day tomorrow
    Best wishes, Pat

  8. Hi Nikki, fabulous Card I really Love the soft Peach Colours one of my favorite colours I'm so looking forward to your show tomorrow. Take Care Love and hugs from Sam x

  9. Evening nikki and crafty crew. I do love using buttons. Handy for covering little boo boos too if ur lucky lol. Love the card and the buttons are all so cute! Love Tracy from killie x

  10. Hi, love your card, very clever, i have entered this challenge, but i only used 3 buttons, they are nice though.
    Looking forward to your show tomorrow, will email in to try to win one of your beautiful cards, hope you feel better and at least you have Debbie so you will be able to demo,and not have to listen to those silly men drown on, sorry but had to say it, i agree with the other ladies above me, have a great day, xx sam

  11. Hi Nikki, love the card I never think of adding buttons, must give it a try. Looking forward to tomorrow's show.

  12. Hi Nikki great card and lovely buttons. Hopefully all will be well with show tomorrow. X

  13. Morning Nikki, A really lovely card, I don't normally think to add buttons to my cards either, but after seeing this card, I will be doing so in the future.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx


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