Thursday, 15 May 2014

Classes and a Bundle of Joy Card

Hello everyone:) I hope you are all well on this glorious Thursday morning! It is surprising how the sunshine puts a smile on my face:)
It is days like this that I would love to be out on the garden, unfortunately my back (which I have suffered from since I was a young teenager) has other ideas:(  When I was just a few years younger my body would let me, but now I am finding that it doesn't recover as well so I have to leave my garden in the very capable hands of my dad and hubby....I of course am the supervisor making sure nothing is missed lol. My hubby is one of those gardeners that thinks that running the lawnmower over the grass is all it needs:) so I really need to keep him in check.  My dad on the other hand although in his early 70's takes his time and always does an amazing job! I must take a picture of his vegetable garden that he has been keeping for the last few years in my garden (he only has a small garden)....The vegetables he grows always taste soooo much better than shop grown ones:)
I just love this time of year when everything is beginning to bloom, it isn't too hot and best of all I can take my crafting outside on the decking:).....I am working on my hubby at the moment as I am thinking that I really could do with a summer house so that I can use it in the summer months for my any of you guys have a log cabin or summer house that you use for crafting? It would be nice to hear from you if you do:)...This could help me with my case lol:)
We have a log cabin already which my son uses as a little gym and his own space and hubby is rather reluctant to build another....but in my defence I know I would get a lot of use out of it as I now craft everyday:)
Let me know your thoughts on this:)
So to my card today. I still have lot's of photo's to take of some of the samples that I made for the show.....I can't wait to share my album with you! It was a pretty quick make and I am sure that even if you have not attempted to make one I could maybe inspire you to try one:). Hopefully I will get some photos taken later so that I can share it with you in the next few days!
I am doing a class this weekend with a similar album using the Celebrate the Journey and Once Upon a Time collections....I am very excited as this will be my first album class:)
On the subject of classes....There are still a few places left on my classes at Hope and Chances Creativity in Gravesend on the 8th June. I haven't quite decided on what we will be making but I am thinking maybe a small mini album or a triple wall hanger! It is a 3 hour class which you can either choose the morning or is extremely good value and I know you will have fun:)
For all the details head on over to Christine's Website HERE
Right now I must stop babbling and share my card with you all: 

  • This was another quick card to make, using just one of the panels from the Sweet Lullaby paper collection.
  • I have also used the Gateway to the Seasons very delicate and beautiful die...another one of my favourites:)
  • The flowers are from the Sweet Lullaby pram die set.
Ok now I must shoot off now and get my vacuuming done so that I can go and finish prepping for my class on Saturday:)
Take care everyone and I hope you enjoy the rest f your day:) x


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Love the use of the dies!

  2. Absolutley gorgeous as all your work is............

  3. Beautiful as always. Your hubby should let you have a summer house for crafting it would be amazing, I would love one x

  4. This is gorgeous Nikki. It certainly doesn't look like a quick make! Don't know how you managed too achieve a fresh modern look that is still vintage. Brilliant. I can't garden anymore for much the same reasons as yourself and I would love a cabin/studio/retreat too so that I can craft and oversee the gardening tasks being done - lol.

  5. Ooh this is so beautiful! I think you should have a summer house, it sounds like a lovely idea - you can keep an eye on the gardeners too!!! xx

  6. fantastic. I like your dies on this card. looks so beautiful.

  7. Lovely soft colours on this card Nikki, the Noah's arc is my favourite bit of this collection but it's all lovely. I'm fortunate enough to still be able to garden and it's a particularly busy time out there at this time of year so that's eating into my crafting time a bit. I'd go all out for a summer house/ log cabin if I was you, what better place to get the creative juices flowing much better than being stuck inside on lovely summer days. Personally I have to make do with the dining room table at the moment but you never know I might get chance to have a corner of my own some day.

  8. Hi Nikki, Another very pretty card, I love the Noah's Ark stamp, and the pram is so versatile as you have already shown us.
    If I could fit a Summer House in my garden, I would be in 'my element', so 'if you can - I would' haha. Keep us posted.
    I still do my garden, although it absolutely 'kills' my back, even sweeping is an effort for the back, I ask hubby to do the sweeping for me, but he doesn't take as much time over it as I would, I just wish that I could do it, but after all the bending for the gardening I can't do the sweeping aswell haha. I do so wish that when I have finished the gardening, it would stay like that !!!!
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  9. Hi Nikki,
    Another one of your stunning cards with those beautiful pastel shades. Love the die that frames it top and bottom.

    Love Sheila xx

  10. Thank you for today's card Nikki, it is absolutely stunning. I wish I could get to Gravesend but we're the other end of the country in Northumberland so a bit too far to go! Hope you can persuade hubby to provide a summer house for you. I have a craft room as all my daughters have flown the nest & we have 4 bedrooms, so I'm lucky to be able to shut myself away in my little room. Have a good weekend everyone. Pat x

  11. Morning Nikki
    Another stunning card love the delicate colours. My husband has a large workshop, but I only have the use of putting the loungers in there as he says it is his space, but I have a workroom, one of our bedrooms, all kitted out with floor to ceiling shelving with doors to
    close it all away, and the other side work station for computer, craft Robo and Cricut machine, and lots of shelves over head - just love it when it is tidy
    Carol x

  12. Aww Nikki
    How gorgeous is your card ?, beautiful and delicate and so subtle
    Take Care
    Elaine H X

  13. Hi Nikki
    Lovely card as usual,the colours are very spring/summer like in this collection.I know how it feels to have a bad back,I suffer too,although mine is work related(too many years nursing). I think you should certainly have a crafty summer cabin,you deserve one.
    Love Angela x

  14. Hello Nikki

    I hop it is sunny for you as it is here in Kent. I love this card it is sooo pretty. I love the background paper. Well enjoy your day whatever or wherever you are doing it. I too work in the garden but lose weight going backwards and forwards up to my craft room to retrieve yet something else I have not brought down. So if you have a summer house you need to move lock stock and barrel into it and then there is the risk of it being broken into for the equipment which is what happened to my friend so sorry you might not want to share my post with hubby! :) if you do get one keep it a secret! Hush! Hush! Good luck with persuading hubby though if that is what you want. :)

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  15. Hi Nikki, Stunning Card, Beautiful background paper and Fabulous Flowers, Nikki I think it would be a tremendous idea for The Summer Cabin, If you've got a iPad you'll be fine or you could have your Laptop as I'm sure it's WiFi, well I'm rooting for you.
    Take Care Nikki Love and Hugs from Sam x

  16. A Summer craft cabin sounds good to me and what a lovely card !


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