Monday, 18 March 2013


Well just when I finally find my way around blogland, something new comes along:(
Thanks to others who have posted about Bloglovin I think I understand it and have even added the widget thingy onto my blog and also added all of the blogs I follow, that bit was quite easy, I only had to click a button and was pretty straight forward.  But the question many of you and I too will be asking is 'why'?  I'm sure they have there reasons and I suppose for us new bloggers it is much fairer, but only time will tell.
So if you are reading my blog and finding it enjoyable and find my creations inspirational please click the button on the side:)
A big thankyou in advance to all of my bloglovin followers x


  1. Hi Nikki, I have pushed the button! But I have read on quite a few blogs that that these changes don't apply to blogger so we will have to wait and see! Susan x

  2. Thanks, Susan I haven't done much research on it, maybe I should lol...... Happy crafting and thankyou for the time you've taken to comment x
    Nikki x


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