My Craft Room

First the kitchen table , then the dining room......then the 'Original Scrapbox' foolishly i thought 'YES' i'm happy. I couldn't stop buying more irristable stash, so i moved into the spare bedroom, but after a few months i felt out of the way, so hubby gave in and let me have our front lounge (which rarely got used), so here i am in my very own crafting heaven:)......

The above photos are my old craft room however life has taken me on a different path so this is my new craft room which I have incorporated within my living area as space is pretty limited.....not really a bad thing because I get to spend more time with my partner Ozzie :)



  1. What a fantastic craft room, very pleased to see a lovely Grand Calibur too :) xx

  2. A wonderful crafting room, and fabulous organization! Your wallpaper looks beautiful! A great place to sigh and enjoy yourself. hugs, de

  3. OMG Nikki I have craft room envy I so need a space like this
    Hugs louise xx

  4. WOW!!! I thought my room was big, this is gorgeous Nikki, I need to come and play :o)
    You have so much wonderful crafty goodies.
    Enjoy, hugs Teresa xx

  5. Oh Nikki, just stop it ! Can I come to play please ? Promise I wont make too much mess !!! Yeah, right : )

    Lancashire Steph xx

  6. Wow Nikki, I though my craft room was big but yours is fab - would love to come and craft with you
    Carol x

  7. what a lovely craft room, so much space and well organised, good luck with what you are doing next and love and prayers for your daughter xx

  8. Hi Nikki
    I have ordered the 'birds and blooms' as demo'd so beautifully by you on C&C. Could you please tell me which of the 'cut, mat, create' sets you used.

  9. Wow Nikki, I have got Craft Stash envy. I have just had a craft room made and I thought I had a lot of stuff. But I have just realised I need to get more. Loved your C&C shows this weekend. Crafty Regards Julie Kay xxx

  10. Wow, I love your craft room Nikki, so happy for your. I started out at our dinning room then the spare room which is now our son's bedroom so I have resorted to using a corner of our bedroom. I have been looking for the original scrapbox but they are so costly so making do with an IKEA desk...trying to keep crafting, keeping my mind off my daily pain due to my severely damaged pelvis. I enjoy crafting and my family is happy, that's all that matters. I love and admire your work. Never miss a show. Loving the Grand Calibur...wouldn't be without mine. Thanks for sharing x


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