Monday, 20 January 2014

Pictures from CHA

Good morning fellow blogging friends! I hope you are all well:)
My jetlag is getting better thank goodness so I am back in my craft room today:) I had a good clean up yesterday......I left it in rather a mess I must confess! I have been itching to get back to creating, but wanted to spend some quality time with my family as I know I have a very busy few months ahead:)
I have been asked by the very lovely and extremely talented Christine Emberson if I would like to visit Hope and Chances and do a class...... Wow! what an honour:) The dates and times are to be confirmed so I will keep you all informed!
Now that I have my feet back on the ground I hope to blog more regularly and I have also began to video a few tutorials (not quite as professional as Sues though), I just need to edit them and I will upload them very soon.
I thought you might like to see a photo's I took at CHA.......not many of me though:)

This one has to be one of my favourites.....Marisa Job, Angelica Turner, Emma Lou, Linda Bontrager and me at the Heartfelt Creations Booth:) The biggest high light of my time in California:)Words just can't express how I felt when we met! Such wonderful and amazing people......:)

Tim Holtz :)....I could spend hours watching him! He is just so enthusiastic and passionate about art and crafting! ......Unfortunately I couldn't fit him in my suitcase:(

The totally exquisite Spellbinder booth. Don't you just love it?

Justrite Booth......Wow! the cards are just stunning! I just love creating with these stamps and dies:)
Finally a picture of me (not a brilliant one) with the Hollywood sign in the background:)


We didn't see anyone famous however when we got back to Heathrow Pierce Bronson was waiting for his luggage.....umm oh yes! I did go a little weak at the knees:)
That's all from me for now but I will be back later with another post!
Take Care everyone:)
Nikki x


  1. HI Nikki. Thank you for sharing the fab pics of the CHA. Looks like you had a wonderful time. I am a bit puzzled about something on the last pic. There is a large beautiful blue line across the top of the pic, where the dull grey sky should be. What is that, someone mentioned that long, long ago we had the same, they said it was called sunshine! : ) You lucky thing, not only going to the CHA but getting a fix of sunshine also!!! Take care.

  2. Good morning Nikki thank you for sharing your photos it must have been an amazing trip. Have a great day. Jackie

  3. Hi, Nikki it was wonderful to see the photographs from The CHA I'm truly thrilled you enjoyed yourself and it must have been Fantastic to check out all the Fabulous Stands i.e. Heartfelt, JustRite, Spellbinder and actually seeing Tim Holtz who is so amazing I really like your photograph with The Hollywood sign in the background, thank you so very much for sharing Nikki it's so kind of you!
    Love and hugs from Sam x

  4. Hi Nikki,
    Many thanks for sharing your photos of your fabulous trip to the CHA. The booths looked so beautiful and I loved your photo of you in front of the Hollywood sign. So many wonderful memories for you to treasure and then to top it all ...seeing Pierce Brosnan at Heathrow.....oooooI definitely would have gone weak at the knees!

    Love Sheila xx

  5. Nikki, thanks so much for sharing your pictures. How wonderful for you to have been able to meet the crew from HC!

  6. It all looks amazing and if I was to watch Tim's demo I wouldn't see any of it! His face is just the cutest I love the way he stops talking and demoing to listen to what people are saying ..lucky you

  7. Hi Nikki, Woweeee, fabulous piccies of CHA you lucky, lucky, girl, and sunshine too, can't be bad. I must admit I would have been weak at the knees if I saw Sir Tim, I would love to watch him demo, what he can't do with ink isn't worth bothering with haha.
    Congratulations on being asked to do a workshop at Christine's Studio, she is a fabulous girlie.
    Lots of love from Patricia xx

  8. Beautiful pictures Nikki, glad you had a great time, thanks for sharing. xxx

  9. Hiya nikki. Looks fabulous there!!! I'm sooooo jealous lol. X

  10. Great photos Nikki - that Spellbinders booth is breathtaking. Glad you're recovering from the jet lag. Pat x

  11. Hi! pleased you are feeling not so tired Nikki,oh the photos are lovely and all looks amazing**mmm yes Tim Holtz does too.hugs Lou.xx

  12. Hi Nicky
    Have just found your blog after watching you demo on C & C. I know I'm a bit behind. just loved the cards you demo'd. Especially when you showed us what to do with the doily's. You seem to have had a good time at the CHA. Can't wait for the products to come over to the UK.

  13. How fun and exciting, Nikki! Until October, I lived about 30 minutes away from CHA and now live on the other side of the country...I went 2 years in a row and missed being there this year...thank you for the pictures...glad you had fun! Blessings! Kathy


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